On the day of the tragedy, he was hailed for trying to arrange oxygen cylinders with his own money to save the infants in the hospital. But, within hours rumour-mongers, fact-distorters and haters began a smear campaign against Kafeel Ahmed Khan on social media platforms like Twitter and on WhatsApp.

The Charges against BJP yogi government suspended Dr.Kafeel Ahmed Khan been analysed for logical answers.

Charge 1 : Khan has been accused of running private practice.
Almost every government doctor in India has a private practice. And, it is allowed under the country’s law. In August 2011, the Supreme Court had ruled that private practice by government doctors is no crime. It said, government doctors defying the ban on running private practice and charging consultation fee from patients in a clinic during spare time could neither be accused of indulging in trade nor be booked under the anti-corruption law.

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Charge 2 : Khan has been accused of stealing oxygen from the BRD Medical College but with out any proof.

For accusations with out proof can be cleared by raising counter questions.
a) Did the hospital discover this theft only after he was hailed as a hero?
b) Also, how does a doctor steal liquid oxygen flowing through the ducts in a hospital?
c) Does he fill it up in bottles like water from a tap and take it back home?
d) Or, did he take oxygen cylinders from the hospital to his clinic 15 kilometres away?
e) Did nobody notice for all these years? Did the theft come to light only after the incident?

Charge 3 : Khan also has been accused of rape.
Khan, in contrast, was given a clean chit by the police. In its final report dated 3 April, 2015, on the FIR against Khan, the Gorakhpur police said the charges against him are baseless. (Pic below) That the investigations reveal the charges against Khan were part of some conspiracy against him.

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Having done the post mortem on charges against him and keeping aside the accusations let us look at what had happened as reported by News18.com.

According to OP Sahu, public relations offficer, SSB, “It was an unprecedented crisis situation at the BRD Medical College on 10 August. Khan came to DIG SSB and requested for a truck so that oxygen cylinders could be collected from various locations and be taken to the medical college.”

“The DIG also provided 11 jawans of the medical wing to assist the staff at BRD Medical College. For hours, our truck collected oxygen cylinders from various locations, including a godown ‎in Khalilabad and ferried them to the medical college where it was a situation of acute crisis,” Sahu said.

If not India In any other country, he would have been hailed as a real hero but the so called powerful keyboard soldiers of Hindutva who thrive on lies and fantasy stories kill the real workers of society for society.

A society reflects its future through its value for virtues. But Gorakhpur Vices shown us where India is heading. It is a disgrace that Dr.Kafeel Ahmed Khan been assassinated by character and his image is being tarnished.

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